Clarity (Clarity 1) By Kim Harrington

Published by Scholastic Print

4 out of 5 stars

Another one of my kindle freebies (or cheapies at the very least), I have limited success, but every now and again a little gem comes through and makes my hard reading worth while.

Clarity is one of those gems. The premise is a bit twee, and a little over done. Young, pretty girl from a family of psychics who can get visions from objects she touches. Then she’s thrown into the middle of a murder investigation (in a town where there is never a murder) and partner her with a skeptic (but very hot) boy.

Yeah the premise is rubbish. Yet I loved it. Whilst there is nothing overly orginal about the story line, Harrington takes advantage of that, and moves the story on quickly and to places you WOULDN”T expect. Its quite dark in places, and Clarity is a little bit of a brat on occasion, making her all the more likeable.

The paranormal parts were handled well, normally in these stories you have an awful lot of glossing over the powers, or everyone believes her instantly. Not in clarity, she’s constantly having to prove herself, to everyone – and at times doubts herself.

Oh and the difficulties that come with having a psychic mum are nicely handled too!

Its not a literary masterpiece, but most books in this genre aren’t trying to be. They are trying to be rip-roaring good reads, and Clarity gets pretty damn near. Its a good story, likeable cast and the odd twist thrown in. You don’t need to concentrate too hard and that makes it a perfect holiday book.

Formats available: Print, ebook (including kindle) and audio recording.



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