Dark Inside


Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Published by: MacMillian Childrens Books

5 out of 5 stars 

A zombie type YA thriller? You KNOW I’m going to be all over this one. I actually read it some time ago, but when ‘The Rage Within’ was released I re-read this first to make sure I was upto speed.

So a summary – the world goes crazy after a series of earth quakes hit. Literally crazy, not all dead and rise zombie crazy, but I’m going to rape and then kill your mother, crazy. NICE.

Everyone seems to ‘go’ at different times, some hold on for longer and some are not affected at all. Dark Inside is about a few of those that are unaffected, scattered across the US, their journeys bring them together as they fight to stay alive.

The story is written from various narrative in the POV of Mason, Aries, Clementine and Michael, but there’s another POV too. NOTHING. Nothing is the darkness inside one of the characters that is trying to take control, who it is, and when/if the darkness wins we don’t know.

But this isn’t just another teen survivor story, its brutal. Its absolutely terrifying, because its so real. The darkness is really inside us, battling to get out, and this is the story of when that happens, riots, murders, hangings (yes technically murders but they need section all on their own), rapes, attacks – the lists go on and on.

One of the best YA books I’ve read in a long time, its not an enjoyable read, it makes you uncomfortable and uneasy – but thats what makes it so good.


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