Rage Within

rage within uk

The Rage Within (Dark Inside 2) by Jeyn Roberts

Published by: Simon & Shuster

5 out of 5

I loved Dark Inside (as much as you can love such a chilling book) and so was eager to get my hands on Rage within.

***This is book 2 in the series, there will be spoilers for Dark Inside, so don’t read on if you’ve not read it yet***

Rage Within starts before the earthquakes, it sticks to the 5 main POV’s from the first book, and the reader finds out a little about before the baggers started to rise.  It jumps about in time a little, but its easy enough to follow, NOTHING is still there, still present and still trying to push through but still no clues as to who it may be (I had it all figured out in book one, then found myself doubting it here – you DO find out by the end, but I’m keeping that to myself).

In the present we are in Vancouver, Mason, Clem, Aries, Michael are together, Daniel appears to be popping in and out, reluctant to stay with them for any length of time. The kids are getting good at survival, they are working systems out and working as a team. Clem is still looking for her brother, but they have bigger issues.

The Baggers have started to organise, they are starting to set up ‘survivor camps’ in towns, the gang can only guess why they are there – torture, sport, food, slave labour? But they know to avoid them at all costs.

Roberts have provided the reader with as many twists and turns as were in the first book, some twists the reader sees coming, others are a jaw-dropping surprise. Once again there is no time for the reader to stop and recover from the latest shock, there are more to come. Roberts is not afraid to risk her lead characters, she puts them into situations where they REALLY shouldn’t be, and she doesn’t guarantee them safety either. Thats what makes her books so good, you just don’t know.

Again the soul sucking fear is back, these monsters are human, sure they’ve been corrupted slightly but they are still US and they are more than hunters, they are mean, they like to play with their prey, like I said: They are human.  Roberts excels at reaching into the souls of her characters and the baggers to bring their full natures to the reader, involving the reader like few other books I’ve read.

All I want to know now is when book 3 is out. OH! and when is someone going to pick this up for a movie deal?


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