Ok, I’l admit it was the cover and bloody Amazon once again bombarding me with marketing telling me that I must buy this book (damn you amazon, my bank balance would be a lot healthier if you didn’t exist).

Another day, another dystopian YA book. I’m not complaining, I love the genre but there’s an awful lot of crap in it, there’s also few NEW plots. Lets face it there is always a catalyst that sets this girl apart from the others (and its nearly always a girl, pretty but not obviously so etc etc). So did slated bring anything new? Yes it did in a way. It built upon the stories that are already there, they all circle around control – how do the powers that be in the story control thier population, the teens and lawless in particular?

In the slated world, the control is in control of the memory, there’s no prison or detention centers for criminals, they are slated, wiped, cleaned out. When they wake they have no memories at all, and are brought back to law abiding citizens (with no memory of before) with the help of the hospital and then a new ‘mum and dad’. Its a clever plot, this programme is something that COULD happen (rather than the technology growing wings and flying off to control the moon, or other such nonsense), and there would be a use for it. Imagine a world with out the criminal element, a world where everyone was given a second chance? whats bad about that? THATS what this book is about, the good and the bad.

Kyla is one such slated individual. The story starts off when she’s leaving the hospital with ‘mum and dad’ now thats in inverted comma’s because they are not her parents but NEW parents. Very creepy (not her mum and dad in particular, just the whole new parents thing). She goes off to live with this new family and all goes well, but of course there’d be no point in having Kyla as the star of the novel if something wasn’t different.  The slated’s moods and emotions are monitored via a watch type device and if they get too irratic they are knocked out before too much trouble can be caused (or at its worse it’ll kill the slated, problem solved).

Kyla has dreams of a life before, of being left handed (which must have some significance) and being taught to disguise it. She is obviously part of a rebellion, but the reader knows as much as Kyla does (Which is pretty much nothing at all).

Slated is a good-possibly great- book. There are a few things that maybe need tweaking to make it a 5 star, but they are just minor things, sweeping the plot up a bit, bringing the last few chapters into life a little earlier etc. One thing Slated did do for me is encourage me to run, a strange one I know! But the love of running Kyla has is written so well (I can only presume Terry runs too) I wanted to be part of that! So its inspirational in a very strange way!

The characters are great, Kyla is pretty blank, as you’d expect but her character builds. Mum is very interesting, and I’m sure there is a lot more to her than we’ve found out so far, and I’m not sure I trust dad.

so all in all a good read, a new addition to the genre, but I’m expecting a fair few copy cats to appear quickly.

Formats available: Paperback & Hardback, ebook (including Kindle) and Audiobook


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