The Name of The Star


Name of the Star (Shades of London 1) – Maureen Johnson

Published by: Putnam Juvenile

4.5 out of 5 Stars

I picked this up on holiday. I didn’t know of Johnson as a writer but thought the story sounded interesting.

The jack the Ripper theme was compelling, I learnt a lot more about the history of london that I knew. The way that Jophnson wrote both about the Rippers killings back in the day, and the media reaction to it this time was fascinating, and I suspect very near the truth (the ripper TV specials bit, especially). The great part of the story was that the supernatural twist didn’t take over, or become obvious from page one. You knew something strange was going on, but not what an why.

The writing was great, it drew you in and made you care about the characters and the story, and you began to look for the ripper in everyday life. Im really looking forward to book two (I was disappointed when I realised it wasn’t out yet!) and seeing where the story goes, Johnson obviously cannot take the same path again, so I wonder if its going to be a murder mystery or a journey of self discovery that befall stye cast this time.


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