The Siren





I was expecting a great deal from The Siren. I’d underestimated The Selection, expected to hate it and got drawn in, so The Siren was going to be great, it just had to be.

Except it isn’t. Its not terrible but its not far off. Cass’ writing is the only thing that saves the story, and gets it two stars, her descriptive style really draws the world around you. But lets face it, this is essentially the little mermaid. Disney did it better.

Kahlen is a siren (so not exactly a mermaid) who sold her soul to the ocean for 100 years to save from drowning. In exchange she enchants people with her voice and leads them to their deaths. The sea needs to eat apparently, for strength. People can’t hear her talk, sing, giggle etc or they’ll launch themselves into water and try to drown themselves.

Living with a few other sirens, the story follows selfish, brattish, unlikeable Kahlen through her pouts (at one point she runs off for a year in sulk). Then she breaks the rules, she gets in yet another strop (cant say why as it’ll spoil things) and runs off, meeting a hunky guy (aka the prince) who is sooo over-whlemed by her beauty that he doesn’t wonder why a girl has shown up in a evening gown made of salt without a voice. See, I told you its the little mermaid.  Then he accepts her into his home, and they fall in love, and of course there’e twists and misunderstandings and torment.

I can’t really go into any more detail, as it’ll spoil what plot there is (but watch the movie, you’ll work most of it out).  I was so disappointed, I was expecting something that would break the tired siren mould, but it didn’t deliver. Far from it.

I really don’t know what else to say other than most writers have an off-day – don’t judge Cass’ writing on this book, read some of her other works, then decide.


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