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Wish by Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser

Published by: Capstone Childrens

4.5 out of 5

A review of the new illustrated omnibus version of Faerieground.

Wish is out april 2013

Wish is the story of two girls, Soli and Lucy. Best Friends, almost-sisters. But as girls do, they get jealous of each other, Lucy of Soli’s relationship with her mother, Soli of Lucy and a boy. They fight, and Soli wishes Lucy away. Lucy disappears, because Soli made the wish in an enchanted forest. Then the race is on to get Lucy back……..

The good:

The illustrations are probably some of the best I’ve ever seen in a book, they are magical. The faeries are terrifying (even for old, OLD, me), there’s no room for your pretty pink faeries here. There is a dreamlike quality in the illustrations, they really compliment the words and take the reader further into the story.

The story is solid, nothing spectacular but a great friendship against the world story. It tells you that its ok to be mad, to argue, to be jealous, because at the end of the day your friends will always be there for you. As I said with the illustrations – the faeries are nasty looking things, even the good ones are a little scary, a refreshing change from the nice, fluffy ones the so often frequent young teen literature.

Characterwise: Calandra is the best evil queen I’ve read in a long time, she’s Creulla DeVille level, but not obviously so, but as a reader you REALLY hate her!
Soli and Lucy are annoying, but only because they are 13 and thats what 13 year old girls are like, they let silly things get to them, and make mountains out of molehills.

The Bad:

Nothing REALLY bad here. I wonder who the book is aimed at, my first thought was that give then prose type writing, it would be for younger readers 10-12 years or so, but the girls are 13. I can’t see many 10 year olds identifying with them, and most 13 year olds I know are moving on to gossip girl type teen trashy novels. I think the book will struggle to find a market, I suspect its success will be with parents, buying it for the artwork.

I really enjoyed the book, no literally challenge, but a nice story with wonderful illustrations, it made a pleasant read. One that would be a great christmas present for a young girl (I suspect boys are ruled out by the word ‘faerie’)

ARC/EGally kindly provided by NetGally


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