Born at Midnight



Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls 1) by  C.C. Hunter

Published by  St Martins Griffin

4.5 out of 5 Stars

I’d avoided these books for a longtime, despite amazon telling me that I REALLY wanted to read them. Eventually I gave in, and I wish I’d listened earlier!

I generally intensely dislike anything with fairies in (or worse: faeries), as they are always portrayed as vicious, spiteful beings- unlike thier fantasy colleagues there is little change in the way they are written. It was the main issue with the book, prior to reading it. I’m glad I eventually ignored the fairy bit in the blurb on the back, as its really not about them at all.

What its really about is a supernatural camp where teens can ‘be themselves’ even if ‘themselves’ happens to be were, vampire, witch etc. Kylie has arrived here in error – there is nothing supernatural about her at all, its all a big mix up and if it wasn’t for her dad cheating on her mum she’d never of been sent….or at least thats the thought she clings to as she realises that she’s not so normal at all. There’s one issue though, nobody really knows what Kylie is (or if they do, they’re not telling), so she’s just going to have to figure it out alone.

I love the world at shadow falls and the relationship between the camp mates, and throw in some ghosts, magic and an escaped lion and you have a brilliant roller coaster (sorry for the cliche – but it fits here) and you are left with more unanswered questions than you started with, on to book two then….

A definite recommendation, even for someone like me that is far too old for YA books (in theory anyway….)


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