Seekin Crystal



4 out of 5 stars

I’m not the usual target demographic for novels like this – if you look at the other reviews on GR you’ll see the majority are young teen girls who will make these books the new twilight if they can. Not that theres anything wrong with that (I love twilight :D). I however am not a teen, nor a tween, and have not been either for a very long time (I’m not even sure tween was a word when I was one). But I’d picked up finding sky and loved it, and being the OCD reader that I am I had to finish the series, even if its terrible. Luckily for me, its not.

I was worried, Finding Sky was an original concept, it was engaging and thrilling, Stealing Pheonix was just a good, although a similar type of plot (benedict meets girl, girl hates benedict, they fall in love etc), but set in a different world. I enjoyed both and would happily read both again, but I wondered where the third book could go. Did I really want to read another love story about soul finders meeting then loosing each other then meeting again? Yup, I really did.

In essence thats what Seeking Crystal was – nothing really new about the general plot, but if its not broke, don’t fix it. There were alot of twists however, and although the reader knew that Xav and Crystal were meant to be, the characters didn’t and the road blocks were original and compelling. They also set up the rest of the books, with the addition of Crystal (who has a special talent, I wont spoil it though) the books can break away from the pattern they were starting to follow (although as I’ve said I didn’t really mind that).

I love the series and will keep reading as long as they keep coming, but I’d also like to see something different from Stirling, a new series with different characters and themes would really interest me and its a credit to the writing as much as anything else that keeps me coming back.


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