Branded (Fall of Angels 1)


Branded (Fall of Angels 1) By Keary Taylor

Published by Createspace Independant Publishing Platform 

3 out of 5 stars

format: Kindle (also available in paperback)

Just a short review, as it was a little while ago that I read Branded and some of the plot details are bit fuzzy now (too many books, not enough time!)

Firstly let me say – I loved Eden, it was original, interesting, twisting and un-put-a-downable (see it even made me emphasise the words out….) so was hoping for great things from Taylor on this. Sadly it left me wanting.

It was ok, the story was original and the scars and angels were horrifying, as for the dreams (eek I shiver thinking about them….) however the relationships in the book were too forced, too quick and overall a bit fake.

There was still Taylor’s excellent writing at the forefront, a lesser writer would have not made me finish the book, however even that couldn’t save it. I don’t see any reason the relationships needed to be pushed so quick, spreading them out over the series would have been more realistic, and less forced.

It wouldn’t put me off further works (especially if there’s further Eden books) but I’d be weary of any more of Taylors angel stories.


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