Format: Paperback (also available on ebook/kindle and audiobook)

‘Love the Hunger Games?  Love This’ says the big blazing sticker on the cover – ok then, I think…

I don’t like really slating books, I sit there and think ‘well I couldn’t do better’, so i try to look for the positives. Pure is one of those books that I (without a doubt) could of done better on.

I was intending on providing a plot summary but the plot is so weak that I cant really sum it up in a paragraph or two. All you really need to know is the leads are called Pressa and Partridge (yes like the christmas bird sat in a tree). They are survivors of a nuclear war, Partridge (a boy btw – now the name is even more ridiculous isn’t it?) lives in a nice little bubble where everyone is pure, Pressia is not so lucky she’s a survivor with a dolls head fused to her hand (yeah nice…).

The story is simple really, boy doesn’t know which side his bread is buttered, escapes, meets poor tortured sole of a girl (who is also on the run for some reason) and they run together.

The world Pure is set in is dark, probably very realistic of a post-nuclear world. But its horrible to read about, its stomach churning and uncomfortable. That wouldn’t be so bad if you liked the main characters, but you don’t they have no depth, no human-ness and both seem a little wet. The writing doesn’t help their cause, so much effort has been put into the world (which is well written, too well in some places really, its not easy to read about a world thats so close to home), that there is nothing left for the cast. The words wading through treacle come to mind.

Could I of done better? Yes I think I could, and that is not a good thing! I LOVED the hunger games, but I don’t love this. I also noticed on an alternate cover that Justin Cronin has endorsed it, that doesn’t surprise me as the Passage is another book that I could write for hours about how much I DONT LIKE IT.

So I’m sorry Julianna. Pure has made it on to my ‘put that down and never read it or anything like it again’ list


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