Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls 1) by Jessica Sorensen
Published by Jessica Sorensen
4 out of 5 stars
format: ebook (Kindle)
Not really a YA book, but a good read anyway!
This was my first Sorensen book (I’ve gone on to read her Fallen Star series too), and I was pleasantly surprised. So often the free or cheap kindle books are terrible, with no decent story lines. Darkness Falls was one of the rare gems.

Based around the rather unlikeable Kayla, Darkness Falls is set in a world where vampires are destructive, viscous creatures and the human race is the prey that hides in built up fortresses. But its not just the vampires that have changed the world, human society has changed too, there are different levels and you begin to suspect, each power level has its own secrets.

Kayla is an interesting individual, as I said she is rather unlikeable, she lies constantly, to everyone and doesn’t seem to learn that it does her no favours, she doesn’t trust anyone and is incredibly selfish. But The story revolves around her, so like her or not, you are tied to her. I like the fact that the main character is so awful, you still care about what happens to her, but you can also see her grow and change then rebel against that change. She’s in a sense, human – she’s not prefect and many of us can identify with that.

The book follows her journey outside the city, her friends, allies and helps her uncover the truth behind her past.

An excellent read, different, engaging and gripping – and best of all the vampires definately do not sparkle


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