Hunting Lila


Hunting Lila (Lila 1) By Sarah Alderson

Published by Simon and Shuster

5 out of 5 stars

format: kindle (also available in paperback)
Lila is a normal 17 year old girl and as all 17 year old girls do, she’s got a crush. A crush that is without a doubt THE most important thing in her life. Lila’s crushing on her big brothers best friend, Adam. But of course – she’ll never tell. But the rest of Lila’s life is anything BUT normal. Her mother was murdered and her father whisked her away to the UK, away from everything she knew, her brother, ADAM, her home, her memories. But through all of it, she’s kept more than one secret, not only does she love Adam, but she’s got some rather nifty telepathic powers going on (Telekenisis to be precise).

All this secret keeping is going well until she is mugged one day and her powers take over, terrified she runs back to the only thing she knows – her brother (and Adam), in the US. Lila presumes her brother can make every thing ok, although she doesn’t tell him about her powers (for fear he thinks she’s crazy) she just knows being with him will make everything ok.

Of course it’d be a short novel if that was the case, in fact all this ^^^^ happens in the first chapter or so. Its when Lila gets to her brothers that the story really begins, he’s in the military (with Adam) and Lila suspects he’s keeping secrets – and he is, he hunts those with psycic abilities (like Lila) and puts them in prison. He believes that those with powers are all mentally deranged and the key to finding out what happened to thier mum.

So Lila has unwittingly walked into the hornets nest….can she keep her secret from her family and the boy she loves or will it tear them apart???? (don’t expect me to tell you that!)

I loved Lila. It was original and introduced some great characters. Suki is just AWSOME. Lila like likeable, she is scared and doesn’t know where to turn, but can be tough when needs be. But she’s also 17, and she’s written as a 17 year old, her heart takes over, she gets hurt, she jumps to the wrong conclusions and she has temper tantrums. Too many teen leads are written older than they are. Lila is just right!

The relationships in the book are complex and the reader is left guessing as to how each individual is going to react, they don’t know who is right or wrong. On one hand they are being presented with ‘all those with powers are evil’ and its a compelling case, and on the other is Lila – the least evil person you’ll ever read.

Its a great book, it moves fast and keeps the cast moving too – a real good fun read.


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