Angel Fire


Angel Fire (Angel Trilogy 2) by L A Weatherly

published by Usborne Publishing

4.5 out of 5

format: paperback (also available in ebook and audiobook, buy yours here)

***Angel Fire is book two in the series – it WILL contain spoilers for book 1, Angel – read ahead at your peril!***

I was waiting for what seemed like eons for the second book in the Angel series. It was worth the wait. The book continued from where Angel left off, having just failed to stop the second wave of angels coming through the portal, WIllow and Alex are on the run. You see, these are not good angels, but aura sucking monsters from another dimension….yes really.

Despite the some what weak basis for the stories, Weatherly manages to engage the reader from page one. Half angel Willow is a fiesty, stubborn and powerful lead, none of the weak bella type female to be found here. Thats not to say that twilight fans won’t like it, I’m sure they will. Willow is still struggling with who she is, and is trying to come to terms with the danger she’s found herself in (and what it might mean for her aunt). She manages to find herself in the middle of a war, but also in the middle of two guys, the ever faithful angel killer Alex and newly found fellow half angel, Seb. Alex and Willow meet Seb when on the run, trying to find the Angel Killers (AK’s) Willow’s half angel self is drawn to him, but her human half to Alex. Whilst the triangle is well written and Weatherly not only manages to keep the reader wondering who she’s going to choose, it doesn’t take over the story, it merely pushes it along quite nicely.

Alongside this triangle, there is also the bigger issue of the angels, and willow and Alex find themselves in Mexico City preparing for battle of  a lifetime, they have found some new AK’s but none of them trust Willow or Seb, and the feeling are mutual – driving the two of them closer together.

Without spoiling the ending, I will say that all does not go as expected and the AKs are left with a big dilemma. Another cliff hanger, and I’m stuck waiting for book three…..

Weatherly has done what I think Keary Taylor was trying to do in Branded, turned a familiar creature into a terrifying monster, these angels prey upon the fact that humans believe they are good, and use that faith to manipulate them for the good of the angels.  They are believeable, frightening and pretty damn hard to kill –  all good ingredients for a brilliant action tale. Well worth a read, as long as you don’t expect a literacy masterpiece, you get a roller coaster of a story, love, death and more. Brilliant.


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