The Hunt


The Hunt (Hunt 1) by Andrew Fukuda

Published by St Martins Griffin

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: paperback (also available in hardback, audiobook and ebook, buy it here)

Another day, another vampire novel. The synopsis on The Hunt offers something a little different, a world where humans are the prey in an organised hunt, a world where they are endangered. As far as the vampires know, humans are extinct.  But they’re wrong.
There are rumours of a camp of humans, being kept secret, where the government is breeding them to use as the next, and last, prey victims for the hunt. But little do they know there are more of them than they think……
Gene is a human, he has been trained to hide his identity by blending in, he can’t sweat, laugh or do ANYTHING to draw attention to himself, and everything is going well until his name is drawn in the lottery – he is one of a select few chosen to be the hunters in the last hunt.
Now more than ever it is vital that he keeps his identity a secret. Vampires (or people as they are called in the book) are vicious and uncontrollable when the blood lust takes over, if he was even suspected of being human he’d be dead before he could defend himself.
The Hunt follows Gene as he struggles to find a way  out of the hunt – he’s not as fast or as strong as the vampires and the moment the hunt begins they will realise there’s a rabbit away.  Gene has to fight to keep himself alive and make choices that will sacrifice those that he loves, and those that he trusts.
I didn’t expect to enjoy the hunt as much as I did, I was expecting another vampire-turned-good type book, but that’s not what the hunt is at all. Gene is a bit of a twit and frankly at points you think he deserves to be eaten, but he’s likeable and as one of the last humans you have to hope he succeeds in getting away. The world Fukuda has built is great, he’s turned normal on its head and made humans the monsters, the vermin. There are a load of little details that make the story world so believable, and more realistic, and that much more terrifying, and the vampires themselves are scary, vicious and just what vampires should be.

A great, fun read. Yes there are some plot holes and a few ‘wait, what?’ moments that leave you re-reading to see if you’ve missed something but let’s face it, if you are reading about vampires it’s unlikely you are going to get something that will stay with you for life, but I will say that The Hunt is definitely one of the better books in the genre.


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