A Follow Up…..

……to my review of Keira Cass’ ‘The Siren









I received a comment on the review (click the picture or link above to go to the original review) on goodreads. I was accused of being close-minded, and therefore unable to provide a fair review of the book. I know goodreads has a bit of a reputation of being a site for bullies, but I’ve never encountered nastiness or even a negative comment on my reviews before so it made me think, WAS I being close-minded, did I give the siren a fair go?

I re-read the review, and I thought back to my deck chair (I read it by the pool!) and try to remember what I felt then. In hindsight I can say, that I WAS fair. I remember commenting to my mum how it was the Little Mermaid rewritten, and as I said to the commenter on GR, thats fine, I love fairytale retellings, but thats not what this book was meant to be, it was MEANT to be an original, beautifully written piece, but I just found it failed to get there.  Without spoilers: Girl is a siren (read: mermaid no tail) who longs to be human and free, she is washed up on shore and a man (prince) finds her, and despite her lack of voice he falls in love with her, together they attempt to overcome fate, and prove that true love conquers all.  I couldn’t get the similarities out of my head, so maybe that did colour my opinion of it, and if it did then, IT IS STILL MY OPINION.

We all like different things, and as a reviewer I can only give my opinion, I don’t expect you to think the same way as me, or read the same books as me, I’d like it if you valued my opinion and read a book because I’d recommended it, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it just because I did.  I would love to hear more peoples views on my reviews, good or bad, and I take time to respond fairly to them, at the end of the day, all I am doing is writing about my feelings on books that I love, hate or meh 🙂 I enjoy blogging and will keep doing so as long as you guys keep reading my posts (So now you know how to shut me up, stop reading, but please dont!)


4 thoughts on “A Follow Up…..

  1. This comment had been deleted multiple times because I couldn’t find the right word to express this, so I’m just going to out right say it. There has been “issues” revolving around this author. If you browse through the negatives reviews for her books, her fan base gets utterly and ridiculously selfish because they cannot accept a different opinion on the books. You can only have to love the books. So I am not surprised by your experience on this book.

    Don’t think too much about this. You have to right to dislike a book as much as anyone else love the same book. Different opinions and tastes makes this world interesting. If we all liked the same things, our books would get boring fairly quick (and life in general).

    • How strange! I might have to go looking now! I’m sure Kiera’ must appreciate honest feedback, but perhaps she just has a loyal fan base! It won’t stop me being honest though! 🙂

      • Hmm you seem to be out of the loop on this author… there’s a bit of controversy with her… I won’t go into details (unless you want to know or don’t know about it… but don’t approve the reply comment) but some would say she was the straw that broke the camel’s back…

      • I think I am, but I like it that way – I try to avoid all the politics and just review! I don’t mind having an opinion on an author based on their writing (Ie John Green is just not an author with a writing style I like) but I try not to let ‘outside’ of the writing world affect my views – well I TRY 😀

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