Sister Assassin – Sneak Peek!

Just finished Sister Assassin by Kiersten White (published by Harper Collins Children’s books), named Mind Games outside of the UK (and Australasia I believe).

3.5 stars out of 5
Released in feb 2013

So as usual I won’t print the full review until nearer the time, but I’ll provide a sneak peek!

Orphaned sisters Annie and Fia are bound to each other, where one goes, so does the other. Annie is blind and sees visions of the future, Fia has perfect instincts (as in PERFECT) but they’ve got caught up with an organisation that forces them to go against thier morals, and Fia’s instincts, which results in Annie being held as a prisoner (or insurance, depending on how you look at it) and Fia being broken, depressed and desperate for a way out.

I didn’t really rate paranormalcy, the series was readable but aimed at too young an age group for me, but Sister Assassin has taken the good and built upon it. The non-stereotypical cast and the unblinkered reflections of depression is refreshing, resulting in a predictable-yet-gripping book.

Probably not a life changer, nor one that you’ll think about for years to come, but a fun, readable book that brings something different to the table.



2 thoughts on “Sister Assassin – Sneak Peek!

  1. Hmm I like the title Mind Games more. I expect bad-assery (sorry if you don’t like swear words) with a title like Sister Assassin and I can say that I don’t expect that from this author and I know it would ultimately fail with the title like Sister Assassin.

    • The title is a little off, however I think it describes the book better than mind games. There is some more serious tones to this book than the paranormalcy series (I only read 1 and 2 so 3 might be different), without them being shoved down your throat, The lead (Fia) is particularly messed up, and there’s plenty of killing in it! 🙂

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