Rebirth: An Eden Prequel


Rebirth: An Eden Prequel (Eden 0.5) by Keary Taylor

Published by Amazon Media

5 out of 5 stars

Format: Kindle (buy yours here)

I was less than complementary about Taylor’s Fall of Angels series, but loved Eden, so was really excited when I found out about this prequel.

Its only a short story and it focuses on a secondary character, which is not only a change for these novella’s that are appearing, but it also keeps the reader guessing all the way through as to who it IS (you find out on the last page!). It follows an inmate at a prison as the fallen start to take over, he has no idea what is going on and stuck in his cell he starts to starve to death,  but thanks to a fellow inmate he escapes and starts to put together everything that has happened, then heads off to find a patch of green on the map.  The reader is left guessing as to what he’d done to be in prison, whether it had changed him and of course as I said above – who HE is.


Rebirth has everything that I loved about Eden, Taylors writing here is much more engaging than in Fall of Angels, and even in such a short time she manages to paint the world, the destruction and the horror that you see in Eden.


I’m just hoping there is more Eden to come…..


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