Bloodlines: Heart of War – Sneak Peek



Bloodlines: The Heart of War by M Zachary Sherman

Published by Capstone Young Readers

3 out of 5 stars

Released: 1st Feb 2013

Format: EGally (available to preorder in paperback here)

I ordered this on NetGalley as a different read, I’m not the age group its aimed at and I’m not male, but I figured ‘why not?!’

Heart of War brings all seven Bloodlines books together in one volume, allowing the reader to follow four generations of the Donovan family, all of whom fight in various wars from WW2 to present day. Its quite detailed and obviously written by a man that’s been there, in the heart of war (see what I did there….)

I think me NOT being the demographic didn’t help, as I didn’t love this book. I got where it was trying to go and it was probably getting there, but it just wasn’t for me. I’m not sure I’d let my young son read it either (although he’s 7, a little under the 9-13 age recommendation). But when I asked him if he thought he’d like it, he said it sounded ‘awesome’. So there you go – little boys will love it I’m sure….

Full review to follow on release (1st Feb)


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