Sketchy – Sneak Peak

April 2013

April 2013

Sketchy (The Bea Catcher Chronicles 1) By Olivia Samms

Published by Amazon Children’s Publishing

4 out of 5 stars

Released April 30, 2013

Format: eGally/arc (available in hardback and audiobook on release – order yours here)

Sketchy is an awful name, it doesn’t describe the book at all. Bea can draw what is at the forefront of someone’s mind -be that their deepest secret or what they want for dinner. Hence the name Sketchy. But the book is dark and gritty and Sketchy is a name that makes you think its going to be fluffy, but its most definitely not.

Bea is a recovering drug addict, expelled from her previous private school, she spent 3 months in rehab and is now joining the local state school. But as she arrives she hears that a serial rapist (and murderer) has struck again, and this time it was one of the school’s cheerleaders. But the cheerleader has secrets and Bea is the only one that can draw them out of her (literally), and so its up to Bea and her new best friend Chris to save the day.

Don’t expect a Veronica Mars or Nancy Drew novel, Bea is no goody-goody, she struggles with addiction everyday and doesn’t really know what to do for the best, and often does wrong.

A fantastic book (a debut as far as I can tell), one I’d highly recommend – its only four stars due to some illustrations – but there’s more on that in the full review out on 29th April – day before release!


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