Entangled by Cat Clarke

Published by Quercus

4 out of 5 stars

Format paperback (also available in ebook/kindle here)

Entangled is my first Cat Clarke book, I’ve heard great things about her and was keen to try her stuff out (I also have Torn on my to read list in my kindle).

We join Grace on day 3, she’s in a white room, with white furniture, white clothes etc. She’s been kidnapped by a guy named Ethan, she doesn’t know why, she just knows that its day three. There are pens and paper there so she starts to write, about her life, about the day she met Ethan and her plans for that day. We follow Grace through the last few months of her life, her ups and downs with her best friend Sal, meeting the love of her life Nat, and through her self harming moments. Grace is a cutter, and struggles with life in general.  Then we find out what happened to make her that way, whats been happening since to result in her final day – the day she met Ethan.

I loved Grace’s voice, anyone that reads my reviews on a regular basis (and if you don’t – why not?!) will know I love a flawed, damaged lead – they are just so much more real and interesting. I certainly got that with Grace. The self harm was beautifully handled, as with Sketchy by Olivia Samms where she dealt with drugs, Entangled doesn’t glamorise self harm, it simply admits it happens, helps the reader understand why it happens and doesn’t criticise or blame anyone for it happening. Clarke is also not afraid to handle other serious issues, underage drinking (excessive too), sex, rape, pregnancy, abortion, betrayal, suicide and a thousand other issues are covered, in a way that doesn’t feel like your learning or being lectured, they are just part of the tale.

Now I have to put a spoiler in here:

****Spoiler alert****

I guessed the twist, well both twists really, and it was really early on. Which annoyed me a little. As soon as Grace said she recognised Ethan I knew something was up, then she wouldn’t escape. SO I knew it was all in her head, a suicide that had failed and she was in a coma somewhere, so I spent the book waiting for the penny to drop. I also guessed the more obvious twist of Nat and Sal (although I’m glad Nat wasn’t the baby-daddy), but I think the reader was meant to get to that one before Grace did…..

And finally – I was a little annoyed about Ethan, we don’t find out WHO he was, I presume he was Grace’s subconscious but I would liked to have known more about why she conjured him up….

****Spoiler over****

Overall, a good book, a little obvious but that didn’t take away from the story and it was a pretty compelling read, you WANT to find out what happens next. The character depth was great, you really know Grace, but also feel like you know the supporting cast too. I enjoyed Clarke’s writing and whilst its not a stay-with-you-forever read, it’s a jolly good story and a bit of a different read for YA fans.


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