Code (Virals 3)


Code (Virals 3) by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

Published by Arrow (Young), 3rd Jan 2013

4 out of 5 stars

Format: Hardcover (also available in ebook here)

***Code is the third book in the Virals series, this review may contain spoilers related to books one a two, do not read ahead if you haven’t read them – its not worth spoiling them!***

As a science geek and a YA fan I knew I had to read the Virals books, I also loved Bones and have read most of Reichs adult books. A short review of Virals from some time ago can be found here, but in short – I was concerned at first that Reichs had done away with science and gone down the werewolf/shape shifter route, luckily that was not the case, instead she has woven science into a good old action book, with suspense, DNA altering viruses and old fashioned fun. Seizure took the pack treasure hunting and helped them to save LIRI but where to go from there? In comes code.

Code picks up a while after Seizure, Kit is now in charge of LIRI and the virals have set up a super-spy underground lair with solar panels, zuped up computers and other great spy type gadets to try and work out what Karsten did to the parvovirus to make it change their DNA.  But before any head way can be made into that Hi drags them into a Geo-Cashing game, thinking its a bit of fun, but the game soon turns deadly. The Gamemaster has set clues that threaten lives, and its up to the viral’s to find them, and solve them, before its too late.

Code is good fun, its everything good about the first too books, a bit a of a science lesson mixed in with twists and turns and good old fun. The reviews so far have all been shocked at the amazing twist at the end, but in all honesty – I wasn’t surprised, there are hints all the way along, and its bound to lead to more in the future books, meaning they may take a different direction, which is always good. The story did take a little while to get going for me, the Gamemaster’s challenges didn’t really feel as urgent as they were meant to be until later in the book, but that didn’t really matter, as I love to read about Tory and her relationship to her pack, and her constant battles with Whitney.

Overall a fun, credible, action packed read, maybe not as good as Virals, but still a good addition to the series, and as I said, I suspect it’ll be a game changer for the later books. Now all we have to do is convince Reichs to get Tory her own Bones TV spin off…..


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