Fractured Soul (Fractured light 2)

Early 2013

Fractured Soul (Fractured Light 2) by Rachel McCellan

Published by

2.5 out of 5 stars

Released on 12th February 2013

Format: eGalley (to be released in paperback order here)

***Spoiler Alert – this is book 2 in the Fractured Light series, there may be spoilers for book one***

Fractured Soul is the second book in the fractured light series, and finds Ilona and May joining the Lucent Academy. Ilona is apprehensive about the school, and is worried about losing contact with Christian (her Guardian), but she’s keen to meet the other aura’s and excited for May to finally meet another fury. Things of course don’t go well for Ilona, the aura’s are meek and mild and have none of her vyken sensing abilities, they are a bit wet to be honest. Ilona starts to separate herself from the group, and they start to notice changes in her moods, she become bad tempered and mean, but she needs to sort it out because there is a threat to the school which none of them saw coming, and of course, Ilona is the only one who can fight it.

Fractured Light was met with a fair bit of criticism, and I was not expecting much from Fractured Soul, however it is definitely the better of the two books (lets hope book 3 gets even better). That is not to say it was great, it wasn’t, but it was an improvement on book 1.

What was wrong with it? Lots. Firstly the you can’t kill a vyken because your an Aura (read: girl) and too weak willed to cope with killing, you need to let the guardians (read: big strong men) kill for you. WTF?! SERIOUSLY, have I just walked into the 17th century? Has McCellan not heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?! This sexism is a running them, now I know that it has deeper roots (which I can’t go into with out spoiling the book for you) but essentially, its sexism, pure and simple.

Then there’s the whole Lizen (sp?) thing, a race of lizard people who are slaves for the Aura’s and NO ONE seems to think this is wrong, except for the perfect, annoying, brattish Ilona of course. Ilona then takes it upon herself to ‘free’ the slaves, not once did she ask if they wanted to be free, nor did she consider any consequences to her actions. I’m not saying that the slaves were a good thing, but I cannot see how some one that is ‘free’ can act on their behalf without consulting them, surely that’s as bad as those that presume they are happy to serve, ask the damn lizens what they want, then help THEM get it.

Then there is Ilona, one of the mist obnoxious, unlikable, brats in Ya fiction today, I cannot think of a nice thing to say about her, most of what happens in the book is her fault, and when its not her fault its made considerably worse by her. She has boys falling all over her and all she can do is witter about her blonde hair. GRRRRRRR.

There were some redeeming qualities, not may though, the last few chapters were good, fast paced and more interesting than the rest of the book, the final twist was totally unexpected, and a bit of a shock, I applaud McCellan for taking that route. May’s character development was nice to see, she’s becoming a strong person, and would be a better lead for the series than Ilona.

ARC/eGalley kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


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