Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Published by OUP Oxford

2 out of 5 stars

format: audio book (also available in ebook and paperback here)

Ok I’ll admit that I once again got seduced by the cover, but in all fairness the premise sounded good too. SOUNDED good.

Jacinda is a draki, a race that descends from dragons, she is a rare, fire-breather the last of  the draki to possess that talent, and is destined to be mated with Casian, an onyx draki – the son of the leader of the pride. But Jacinda rebels, and ends up in a cat and mouse chase with hunters, the only humans to know of the draki’s existence, and she meets Will. Will saves Jacinda from the hunters, but cannot save her from the pride, who want to punish her for her run in with the hunters.

Jacinda, her mother and twin run from the pride, and hide in a small desert town, but its not long before Jacinda meets Will again, and they cannot deny their feelings for each other, but the pair end up in a web of lies. Can they escape Will’s hunting family and Jacinda’s pride

This book is one of the most irritating books  I’ve ever read, the idea is great but the whole premise is so hypocritical, the hunters are evil for hunting a race that they use for food, medicine and decorating, and in Jacinda’s eyes is the most immoral, evil, inhumane lifestyle. Then she happily tucks into brisket and other meats. HYP-O-CRITE. Why is ok for the Draki (and humans) for that matter to eat meat, yet the hunters are not allowed to eat draki? Is it because they are sentient? What makes them better than other animals? Because they appear  human? Perhaps, but the hunters’ don’t know that – they see them as animals.

Its not just the whole hypocrisy thing, its the whole story, the repetitive prose with cheesy, eye roll inducing lines such as ‘my treacherous heart’ (over and over, and rehashed and over again). the twists are obvious, the background for the story paper thin, and Jacinda on the whole completely unlikeable.

I also have to wonder how draki’s came about. Did a human have sex with a dragon? Did a dragon have sex with a human? What about the Incrose (sp?) are they different too?

All in all a dragging, sloppy, terribly written book.  Not  one for the ‘epic reads’ pile, nor shall I be looking at reading the rest in the series. What a shame the whole dragon descendant thing wasn’t done better, it could of been a fantastic, original story.


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