Devils Due


Devils Due (Red Letter Days 2) by Rachel Caine

Published by Mira Books (Harlequin UK)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Late ARC/eGalley (Available now in paperback & ebook here)

***This is book 2 in the Red Letter Days cycle, expect spoilers for book 1***

Firstly I was swept up by the cover of Devil’s Bargain (book 1) and seeing as the author was Rachel Caine I presumed it was YA. Wrong. This is not a YA series, but its not really an adult book either, its an adult themed book written in a YA style – if that makes any sense, the themes are less teen angst more, working life dramas.

The book picks up a little after the end of Devil’s Bargain, but instead of being Jazz’s POV, its Lucia’s – which makes the transition into book 2 a little strange, but you soon get used to it. Jazz’s partner McCarthy is still in prison, but now Lucia has some pictures proving his innocence (of the murders, although the pictures still show that he’s crooked) and she manages to get him acquitted. There’s obvious sexual tension between Lucia and Ben, and she soon hires him to work for the agency. The agency is doing well, but they still receive the red letters, delivered at the strangest points, and this time its not always the Cross Society that are sending them. One of the letters changes everything and once again the team are left wondering who to trust, whats going to happen and finding out its MUCH worse than they imagined. We find out more about Simms, Manny and Lucia through this book and there are revelations about Ben too – the ending is not unexpected, but also not disappointing and theres a few horrifying twists in there, setting up for book three too.

I enjoyed the book, perhaps more than Devil’s Bargain, I like Lucia more than Jazz so thats probably why, and Caine’s bravery in putting Lucia through hell in the book is admirable, few writers would compromise their leads like that. Caine’s trademark is human characters, with flaws and faults and crossed loyalties, and Devils Due is no different, the reader is often left wondering who to trust, and how much to trust them.

Although I enjoyed the book, it joins the list of ‘ok to good’ books I’ve been reading this month, with the exception of the Winter trilogy I’ve not read anything that sets my world on fire for a few weeks, I’m in a book slump and Devil’s Due wasn’t the one to get me out of it.  I’d say read it if your looking for a change from YA but still want that paranormal edge, but remember its defiantly not YA themes, and not recommended for the younger end of that age range.

ARC/eGalley kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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