Hot Blooded


Hot Blooded (Wolf Springs Chronicles 2) By Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie

Published by Doubleday Children’s

2 out of 5 stars

Format: Paperback (also available in ebook here

***This is book 2 in the series, major spoilers for book one are likely***

I liked book 1 (Unleashed) it wasn’t a page turner were book like Raised by Wolves but it was an easy enough read. Holder and Viguie had gone back to a classic type were story, and it was fun.

I was looking forward to book 2, there was plenty of story to build on and to take the next level, but I was disappointed. Which I hate.

Hot Blooded follows Katelyn’s transition into werewolf, and into the Fenner pack. Cordelia has been shunned, and its all Kat’s fault. Add to that Lee Fenner’s mental deterioration, her immunity to silver (which only Justin knows about) and her attraction to both Justin and Trick and she’s in a heap of trouble. Kat believes the only way to get Cordelia back is to find the mine (and the hellhound she insists exists), but she has to do so whilst keeping her identity a secret from her grandfather, Trick and the town. Additionally the Fenner’s insist she is trained, and brought into the were world, where things work very differently. Secrets are uncovered, loyalty tested and time is running out…..

It all sounds great, but its not. Kat is meant to be finding the mine to save Cordelia but she does bugger all about finding it. She occasionally looks in a book, or has a sniff around but thats it. More time is spent on Kat, the term  ‘me, myself and I’ suits her, she’s unlikeable, selfish and brattish. Trick or Justin. Justin or Trick. and round again. What happened to the strong, feisty Katelyn from book 1?

Then there’s the wolf pack. The whole issue about dominance which instantly puts my back up. We know I love wolves, and I study them a lot, and its apparent that neither author bothered to research their pack structure, dominance relations or communication methods, the Fenner’s are nothing like a wolf pack. I could go on and on about it, but all the book has done is anger me, Holder and Viguie have just reinforced the stereotype that wolves are driven by aggression and dominance, and violence (lets not talk about the pack murder in this book, it makes me seethe). The writers attitudes towards animals are obvious from the line about the gator’s eyes showing no intelligence, just intent (or something along that line), what a presumption to make, and once again reinforcing a stereotype of an animal that really could do without the bad press.

The book took me an awful long time to get through. It wasn’t entertaining, it was slow to build up, and nothing really happened, there was a bit of a ending/climax but it was something I’d of expected in the middle of a book. I am seriously disappointed, Holder in particular was always a favorite of mine, and this time she’s let me down. I gave the book 3 stars, but writing this review I’m going for 2. I cannot think of anything good to say about it. Book 3 is off my list I’m afraid.


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