Taken at Dusk


Taken At Dusk (A Shadow Falls Novel, 3) By C. C. Hunter 

Published by St Martins Press

4 out of 5 stars

Format: Paperback (also available in ebook/kindle here)

***This is book 3, there will be spoilers for the first 2***

Awww…Shadow Falls how I’ve missed you. I read books 1 and 2 in quick succession, but decided to wait a little before entering the world again. Taken at Dusk drew me straight back in.

We are still in that first summer (how long are summers over in the US?!) and camp is preparing to be turned in to a school. Kylie still doesn’t know what she is, and is no closer. She’s shown traits from liking blood to her embarrassing growth spirt courtesy of the werewolf moon cycle. She’s healed Sara, and Sara now wants to know whats going on…..

There’s also the matter of a new ghost – Jane Doe (of course)- who has a massive scar all down her head, no pattern at all – not even a human one – and amnesia. But Jane Doe has a message – someone lives and someone dies. Helpful. So once again the race is on for Kylie to find out what the message means, who she is, WHAT she is, and who Jane is – does it all link together? Oh and don’t forget the added boy drama. Again.

Taken at dusk was a little same-same for me. There was little new in it, compared to the first two. I still enjoyed it, but expected more. The main issue for me is the time scale, we are expected to believe that Kylie has gone from average joe/jane to some super-freak, accepted it, defeated various enemies, coped with ghost whispering and falling in love with 2 boys, in a matter of weeks? Oh and is still standing, not hiding in a corner somewhere? Nah its not believable (and this is coming from a girl that has no problem with the paranormal aspects of the book). Then there’s the camp, where on this planet does a plan get put into place and move at this pace? Oh lets make summer camp into a school, lets do it in a week or so. Nope. Not buying that one either.  I’d preferred it to have already been a school, with a summer camp attached, and then we could spread Kylie’s adventures out a bit, give her some breathing room.

Those aren’t major bugs, but they irritated me a little. No this time it was the Lucas/Derek thing that really ruined the book for me. Derek walked away last book, why drag him back in, for the sake of of a love triangle? Its frustrating and annoying, plus I don’t like derek so would rather he went away.

Kylie is a little more annoying in this one, she’s getting to be a teen who doesn’t listen, Holiday tells her this ghost is dangerous, but she ignores her and follows her heart – because thats worked out so well previously. The whole Holiday and Burnett thing is getting a little too strung out too.

We do finally get to find out what Kylie is, but its in the last page. The LAST page and all we get is a name, no explanation. ARRRRRH. But if any other readers like me have been paying attention, you’ll probably have guessed along the right lines away, I’ve no idea why it took so long for the camp to work out.




It was obvious from the start that she was mimicking/absorbing others powers around her, and thats why she doesn’t fit into any one role. I’ve been yelling this at the book since day 1!


***spoiler over***

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book, even despite my moans above! It was everything a shadows fall novel promises, paranormal fun, with a bit of a dark twist and always ending on a cliff hanger. Jane Doe’s story was good, and I only just worked it out before Kylie did, plus there is the added twists that her story will bring into future books.

Over all a good installment in a great series, not the best, but I’m hoping for a lot more from books 4 and 5 – now that she knows what she is, Kylie can start to deal with it. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Taken at Dusk

  1. It’s funny, I share your gripes, especially with the type of supe she is, and I still zipped through the pages and loved the books (but I growled the whole time reading them). It doesn’t make sense to me. The back and forth relationship stuff and the “everyone must be talking about me because I am the center of the universe” stuff should have made me return the books to the library without looking back.

    • Lol. We are obviously very similar Robyn. But I do love this series, this was just a bit of a filler for me. I think it was needed because they need to know what she is, but it would of been better spread over a bit longer time period, and less Derek/Lucas. More red. 🙂

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