Fragments (Partials 2) by Dan Wells

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books

 4 out of 5 stars

Format: eGalley (available from 28th March 2013 in various formats)

***This is book two in the Partials Sequence, please be aware there will be spoilers for book 1***

Partials left us with Kira finding a cure for RM, saving Madison’s baby and finding out that she was in fact, a partial. Bummer. Oh and there’s THAT picture of her before the outbreak….. Fragments picks up a little later, Kira is in Manhattan, still determined to find out the truth about her, she hopes there is a good reason for her creation, she is different to all the other partials, she ages. We don’t leave long island behind though, we get to see whats happening there from Marcus’ eyes now, which is a refreshing voice, I quite like him and really wish Kira saw more that she does in him! The partials are invading, Dr Morgan thinks that Kira can stop them dying, their end date, so looks for her in Long Island and plans to kill one human per day until she shows up. Marcus works on trying to figure out what happened to Kira, and why Dr Morgan wants her in particular, he finds more than he bargained for.

In Manhattan, Kira find Paragen’s office, and the reader (and Kira) start to get a better understanding of how everything started, how this race of partials became so unhappy that they rebelled. How RM started, and more importantly where Kira fits into all this. We also bring Samm and Heron back into play, but who’s side are they on? And meet some new characters, my favorite of which is the ‘last human on earth’ Afa. Afa was paragen’s It director, he’s the person that Kira needs to help her find the answers, but he’s lived alone since the break and appears to have suffered mentally from the isolation. There is a long and treacherous journey to follow, as all dystopians need at least one, and some surprises, and bit revelations.

Overall I enjoyed Fragments, Wells is a brilliant writer, but I’m sorry to say, not even a writer that gets you believing in partials can pull off talking dogs. Yes really. As soon as they appeared my mind went straight to ‘up’ and from then on, they lost all credibility with me. The story was the usual fast-paced dynamic story we are to expect from Wells, as with Partials, there is nothing overly new about the concept, or the story, but its written so well you don’t care. Kira is a little more annoying in this one, but I think thats a good transition, because lets face it, you’d be a little self centered if you discovered you weren’t who you thought you were, and the whole journey is really borne out of her selfishness, and the consequences of that will haunt her.

There was one major brilliant arc in the book – Afa. I love Afa. He is a genius character, and written really well. My heart melted for him and his backpack, and the suffering he must of gone through when he was alone all that time.

The book is long, but worth every page, the story goes in a direction you’d expect, and focusses on reducing the combat between the two species, but the end chapters change everything again, so I have no idea what to expect next. I’m really glad I got the book early, its a solid 4 star, I’m not sure what it needs to make it a 5 star, but its ALMOST there.

A cracking read.

ARC/eGalley kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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