Mila 2.0

mila20__121029053626-275x416Mila 2.0 (Mila 2.0 Number 1) by Debra Driza

Published by Harper Collins Children’s

3.5 out of 5 stars

Format: egally (Available from 28th March 2013 in a variety of formats)

Every now and again the buzz about an upcoming book gets going. Mila 2.0 was one of those, heck they’ve even started on a short story accompaniment, so it must be good right?

What its about:

After the tragic death of her father, Mila and her mother move to a small town to recover. Mila cannot remember anything from that tragic day, and the more she tries the more confused she gets. Her mother is pulling away from her, wrapping her up in cotton wool, she cant ride a horse fast, cant go anywhere with her friends without checking first, she’s not even allowed a computer or high tech phone. Mila starts to notice strange things about herself, she can hear whispers, react quickly and the memories she does have revolve around white tiled rooms and screams. In present day, things are going ok, not brilliantly, when Hunter shows up. Hunter is THE boy, Mila’s best friend is interested, but of course so is Mila. Girls being girls they scrap, and Mila ends up hurt. Except she’s not, she has a gaping hole in her arm, but there’s no blood, just cybernetics. dun dun dun…..she’s a robot/android/cyberman. Then the truth comes out, there was no father that died in a fire, her mum is not her mum, but a scientist that helped her escape, but why? Then they have to run for their lives, else end up back where they started.

 My views:

So much promise. It just didn’t deliver. The first half is so predictable, and more of less borrowed from every other YA book out there, new girl in town, has a few strange powers but ignores them because she thinks they are normal (yeah. right.), strange boy shows up, nobody knows his past, yet he’s instantly drawn to the odd girl, they have a connection, he understands her more than she understands herself, and then of course when he finds out what she is, he doesn’t care, he loves her for her (I would like to point out that he doesn’t find out exactly what she is, but i’m sorry he’d have to be pretty dumb not to). Yeah. its teen angst special. I was ready to hit my head on a brick wall, rather than keep reading.

But then they go on the run, the book starts picking up from here, moves away from the mushy-goggly-eyes stuff (although there is some ‘oh i miss him so much’ crap still going on), and gets a bit more interesting. But nothing is really resolved. I get that its a series, and that revealing everything in book one would be silly, but we really don’t have any idea why Mila was given the memories she was (why pretend that her father was killed) and why her ‘mum’ chose to break her out. The scenes towards the end with three are very hunger games-esque, thats not to say they are not entertaining, they are, but they have been done before, and better.

There are numerous plot holes and the ones that really got me was:



The ear security thing. She’s told that the chip being put in her ear is a failsafe, that the doors will enter lockdown if she’s within 10 feet of an exit, yet nothing happens when she escaped – did I miss something? Also if you are going to put a failsafe in, you put a tracker in too, seriously, this robot has run off once already, tag the frigging dog.


Secondly – how did they find them? Why did this happen the day after she found out what she was?



The (almost) ending really redeemed the book, I didn’t see it coming and it was a great ending, and a new beginning, but then they had to throw Hunter back in at the very end, and I groaned, and it was as mushy as I predicted (BTW I’m laying money on the fact that he’s going to betray her in book 2 and redeem himself in 3). GROAN.

It wasn’t a bad book, but definitely didn’t match up to where it should be, especially given the hype (and the fab cover). I might read book 2, but its not one I feel I’d need to get as soon as it came out. The term MEH comes to mind. It got 3.5 stars rather than 2.5 due to the almost ending, and would of got 4 if hunter had been left out of it!


ARC/eGalley kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


2 thoughts on “Mila 2.0

  1. oh, no! I was really looking forward to this book! I’m not a big fan of the insta-love/new girl in town thing and I feel like the romance is going to bother me too. Thanks for the warning. This book is going to move down on my TBR list. As always, great review.

    • Lol. Sorry! I feel like I’m ruining you reading list! It isn’t a major part of the book, the romance is really only present for the first quarter/third, but ‘he’ gets mentioned a lot through the rest of the book. Not as bad as good old bella, but still annoying…. 😀

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