Requiem (Delirium Trilogy 3) by Lauren Oliver

Published by Hodder & Stroughton

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Kindle book (also available in alternate formats here)

***This is book 3 in the trilogy, there WILL be spoilers for the previous books, DO NOT READ if you have not read the other books**

When Pandemonium ended on THAT note. I yelled. I stamped my feet and I updated angry statuses about it. HOW could Oliver do that to me (because obviously it was personal)? There are cliff hangers and there are jaw dropping, need the next book NOW cliff hangers. Pandemonium is most definitely in the second category. So I waited patiently and FINALLY got hold of Delirium, now I can find out what happened…..

But wait nope, because we’re not picking up from the same point (WHY?! WHY?!? OH WHY?!) but a bit later in time (a few weeks/months if I remember correctly). But it didn’t take long for me to forget that disappointment, the book certainly takes you on a new journey.

So whats it about? Requiem is written from the POV of Lena and Hana (yes, that Hana), rather than the ‘now and then’ style of pandemonium, the girls offer two completely different lives and characters, but in a lot of ways very similar. Lena is still in the wilds with Raven, Tack, Julian, Alex and the others, Alex hasn’t spoken to her since he arrived (and the ending of book 2) and she’s distancing herself from Julian, unsure about what she feels for either. Hana is  cured and due to be married to the soon-to-be mayor Fred, everything is perfect, exactly as she’d always planned, but then she sees a shadow from her past and things start to crumble slowly, is Fred the person she thought he was? More importantly, is she? Lena’s journey takers her back to Portland, but not int he way the reader expects, and she is introduced to the wonderful world of jealousy, and struggles to confront those feelings.

Requiem was everything you want in a third book, straight into the story, non-stop action leading to an epic conclusion. The reintroduction of Hana and her struggles was a great addition to the stories, and added another level to the book, had it been 100% Lena it might of got a bit too much. I love Lena, but she is a completely different person to book one, and is so flawed she is great to read. Lena is incredibly selfish, and the delirium adds to that,  Oliver’s brilliant twist on love being a disease really works, it does lead to irrational thought, envy, and of course jealousy. Hana is also different to the girl we once knew, even with the cure she seems a bit more human, less perfect, but the cracks show quickly once she starts to doubt the world she lives in. It was also nice to find out what happened to Lena’s family back in Portland, and it was a reminder again of Lena’s selfishness, due to love, she didn’t consider the consequences of her actions.

The negatives were few and far between, the ending needed a little more tying up – there was no resolution really, even just an epilogue chapter set a week later would of helped, with visions for the future etc. I also would have liked to see Lena question the motives of Pippa etc a bit more, no revolutionary force is perfect, and I’d like to have seen some of their faults, rather than it all being black and white (although you did see some from Hana’s views).

But that was it, there really weren’t any major bug bears, the action scenes were good, the quiet moments were better, and all in all a great book. Its not quite Delirium, and due to the ending I’m left with more questions, it may have been better suited to a mid-trilogy book rather than the conclusion. I am going to miss the series, but am grateful the TV series is coming soon (even if there are some character adjustments – Julian living next door to Hana?!) and I’m looking forward to Oliver’s future works though, she’s a fantastic story teller, and one I’m sure to follow for a long time.


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