Fractured (Slated 2) by Teri Terry

Published by Orchard Books

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Kindle (also available in alternate formats here)

***This is book 2 in the series, there will be spoilers for book 1****

Ms Terry. I want to hug you. I may start to get a bad name for myself amongst authors after my reviews on Ruth Warburton’s Winter Trilogy, but I do really want to hug her. I have had a mammoth book slump and just when I thought I would never get out of it, Fractured came long. THANK YOU!!!!

Fractured follows on from Slated seamlessly, Kyla got some memories back after the attack by Wayne in the woods, she was ruthless, brutal and left him for dead, but the thought of all that blood makes her want to cry. How could she of been a terrorist that hates the sight of blood? Why does she still keep remembering parts of her life before, the bus crash she couldn’t of possibly been involved in, and the one that scares her the most – the one where she’s running from some one, trying to break free…….

Kyla is trying to be normal, to move on, to find out who she can trust, and that starts with the biology teacher, who’s not a biology teacher but a guy from her past, Nico. Of course Ben’s gone, presumed dead, and a new guys moved in across the road, Cam. Cam tries to build a friendship with Kyla, but she resists for a while, trying to remember who she was is taking up more of her life than she wants it to.

When the past finally starts to fit back together (with Nico’s help), Kyla’s in for a few surprises, nothing is quite as she thought, she doesn’t know who to trust and the world she’s thrown into puts her relationship with her new family in danger, Kyla has to make a choice, her new life or the old one, but with loyalties in both she’s struggling to do so.

Fractured was a thrilling ride, not just in the shape of action, but the emotions Kyla feels through out, she struggles and the reader struggles with her. The reader doesn’t know what Kyla is going to do, and they also don’t know what she SHOULD do, its all as clear as mud, in a good way! Nico is suitably mysterious, a bit dangerous and extremely clever, you want to trust him, but can you? There are characters from Kyla’s past brought into the forefront, and even they are telling her to remember, to trust herself, which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Dr Lysander is brought into the mix a bit more too, the reader gets to know her, to understand her special interest in Kyla, and she has an important part to play in Kyla’s final decisions.

The reader is not presented with all the answers, but we find out a lot about why Kyla can remember, why she was slated, the bus crash, mum’s involvement and the truth about THAT dream, who she is running from, who’s she’s running to and what happened to little Lucy.

A fantastic read, every bit as enjoyable as Slated, but a totally different book, this is less about a newly slated trying to fit back into the world and more about a girl who has endless problems trying to find her way in a world of darkness, betrayal and loyalties that change at the drop of a hat. Add to that the fact that the Slated world is so real, such a possibility and set in the UK not too far from now, and its a little frightening. Dr Lysander presents the good side to slating, and the reader understands why it was introduced, and the benefits to it, but it is misused and Kyla shows that its not fool proof, it can be cheated. So. Ms Terry. Like I said, I could hug you, but instead (because thats slightly less creepy..)I’ll say thank you – for a great read, a fun book that makes you think a bit, and most importantly for getting me out of a slump and restoring my faith in YA writers!



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