Prodigy (Legend 2) by Marie Lu

Published by Penguin

Format: Kindle (also available in alternate formats here)

3.5 out of 5 stars

Marie Lu’s long awaited sequel to Legend finally came out last month. I had it on pre order and started reading straight away, yet here I am 6 weeks later, only just writing the review……

Prodigy follows on from June and Day’s escape from LA, they are on the train to Las Vegas, and it really does just launch you straight back into the story, a little recap is there but if you’ve not read book 1 recently you struggle a bit to catch up. They are on the run from the republic and are trying to find the rebels, the Patriots, Day believes that they will help them find his brother, Eden, and help him recover from the leg injury. Once in Vegas things start to move quick, they are taken into the heart of rebel operations and offered everything they want in exchange for one task, an assassination. Day and June are also reunited with some old faces, including Tess who has suddenly gone from young girl-best friend to super hottie in a matter of days. Additionally we find out more about the patriots, the colonies that fund them and the past of the USA, what happened, why it happened and how the rest of the world views the Republic.  The story separates June and Day and leads to them doubting themselves and each other, and throws new challenges their way, its just as twisting and there are justas many double crosses as in the first book.

So why did it take me so long to write the review? We firstly it took me a long time to read, it didn’t draw me in, there was plenty of fast paced action, but for a large part of it, I just didn’t care. Then I really wasn’t inspired to write a review. I feel I’m in the minority here, so wanted to take my time to make sure I really felt the way I did, and I do. I feel that it just wasn’t that good.

Maybe it was because I loved Legend, but  I just didn’t feel the same unique voice in Prodigy. Day and June were good when together, but when apart neither was a full, main character. Day needed a slap most of the time, and seemed to slip into teen angst, a complete change to his character in Legend. June suffers from the opposite problem, she’s still as stiff and shallow as she was in the first book, by shallow I mean the character depth, not ‘shallowness’ as in ‘money is everything’ although there is an aspect of that too.  The reintroduction of Tess as a possible love interest for Day was a cheap move, it was obvious and offered nothing to the story at all, it was a page filler in a book that really didn’t need any more fluff. The reader is never in any doubt as to where Day’s heart lies and it all feels a little silly.

I’m torn on the whole plot – on paper it looks good, forcing June to go back into her life and betray her values, her gut, making Day watch as she’s conflicted. The colonies and the Patriots are new worlds for the reader, and are thoroughly entertaining, where Lu excels is writing the world around the characters. The betrayals are obvious, from the get go, but there are a few characters that will surprise you with their decisions along the way. As with legend, there is a good supporting cast, but its all about June and Day.

Like I said I’m in the minority here, looking at the other reviews most loved it, so I’d say give it a go, I’ve tried to be fair and believe that it just wasn’t for me, there are some good points, but it just didn’t match up to Legend for me, maybe I expected too much. I suspect it may be suffering from the age old second book syndrome, so will read book 3, the ending of Prodigy certainly left it open to a new direction (the ending was probably a highlight of the book, finally Day gets some oomph!), and I’ll look forward to it.



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