The Bane


The Bane (Eden 1) by Keary Taylor

Published by Keary Taylor Books 

4 out of 5 stars

Format: ARC/Egalley – out now in Ebook

I got really excited when I saw The Bane on Netgalley, I requested it and started reading pretty quick. But I realized it was Eden rebranded, that was my mistake, the description clearly said that it was, but I was just being a bit of a doofus.

So it wasn’t the new book I was expecting, but Eden was one of my favorite self-published works, so it was worth a re-read. Its been a while since I read Eden so I couldn’t see any obvious differences in the plot, but I may be wrong.

The Bane is set in a world where humans are the hunted, a technology that was designed to help humans, regrow limbs, fix sickness etc, took over and turned humans in to the Bane, cybertronic humans with one goal – to convert more humans to their cause. They are dedicated machines with no humanity left and one touch is all it takes to turn you. Eden is a safe haven, a place where the few remaining humans can survive, Eve arrived with no memories age 8 (IIRC), now 16 she’s a top hunter and an important figure in Eden. When Eve finds a newcomer, West in the woods around Eden, things start to change. There’s a journey, revelations about Eve and her past, and the obligatory love triangle.

I loved Eden, and so of course loved The Bane, the characters are well written, Eve is likable but real, West and Avian are great love interests and the complete opposites of each other, you can see why Eve struggles. The best part of the book though – The Bane, they’re creepy, soulless creatures that have evolved from something good. Its scarily realistic, and the world thats left is something you can easily imagine.

There were few bad points, I felt there could of been more depth to some of the book, I devoured it in a single setting, both times, more scene setting may have been welcome, but not a necessity. Its not the most serious of books, but it doesn’t take its self to seriously either, its fun, action packed – the die hard of books. Its never going to compete with the classics, but earns a place on the dystopian leader board.

Taylor excelled herself on this series, and its got a good solid fan base that want more from Eve’s world. The idea of cyborgs/zombies-with-electronics isn’t new, and is not overly original, but Taylor writes it so well that you believe she thought of it, that its her story to tell. I wasn’t a fan of her other books (Branded) but Eden/The Bane is in a league of its own. Well worth a read for a fun, slightly creepy read.

ARC/Egally kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


4 thoughts on “The Bane

  1. I really want to read it! I requested it on NetGalley. I hope they approve me haha. I have not read a book that involves humans being hunted so this one will def. be a fresh read for me. Awesome review 🙂

    Little Book Star

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