The Human



The HumanThe Human (Eden 2) by Keary Taylor

4 out of 5 stars

Format: ARC/Egally (available in a variety of formats now!)

***This is book 2 in the series, there will be spoilers for book 1***

So I was fortunate enough to get an ARC/Egalley copy of The Human (THANK YOU!) and everything else in my life was put on hold whilst I FINALLY found out what happened after Eden (or The Bane if you are reading the series in its new format). Just incase you missed it here’s the trailer:

The Human picks up about four months after LA was cleared of the Bane (cybertronic zombie like terminators/daleks – seriously), by the activation of the pulse. Now renamed New Eden, the city are working at clearing the dead bane bodies out and resetting up a safe town. Our heroine Eve, who we now know is a half human half bane – she was the first test subject, chose Avian over West (Why?!). West was infected at the end of The Bane and we now find that they removed all of the infection barring one piece in his heart, that piece is controlled by a monitor fitted to his chest, but every few weeks he has to have it operated on to stop it spreading. When he wakes he’s forgotten everything from the infection on, its down to Eve to break him every time, to tell him she chose Avian (WHY!!!!) over and over again.

Things in New Eden are quiet and too much so, but soon they find some intruders who, although human, are cagey and won’t answer their questions. Eve discovers that humans can be just as destructive as the bane, and a new set of challenges threaten everything she’s worked to build, and everything she thinks she knows.

I really don’t know how to sum up The Human. ‘Wow’ seems appropriate but a little anticlimactic. Eve’s development and depressions are built really well, and Avian certainly grows a spine and more character in this book (NO spoilers but just wait until you hear what he does!). I was firmly on team West in book 1, but after this book I want to smack him firmly round the head. Several times. He is not the same West as in The Bane, well he is, but he’s changed. The writing allows him to change in a believable way and the reader goes along with Eve from loving him to feeling the upmost betrayals from him. Don’t expect a rehash of the love story from book 1, nope, no room for mamby pamby feelings in a book where every second counts.

That leads me onto the action, a place where Taylor really does excel, the scenes are fluid and believable and Taylor is not afraid to sacrifice the hero’s safety in order to get a good scene – and her readers love her for it. The bridge scene was probably one of the most powerful scenes written, chilling, spooky and extremely memorable.

I only gave the book four stars, despite raving about it – there are a couple of minor reasons for that. Firstly I thought The Bane/Eden was better, there was more world building (probably given that it was a first in a series), in the beginning of The Human there is a little floundering whilst the action gets going, nothing major but it didn’t have the same opening punch as The Bane did. Wests character change, although believable was a real disappointment for me, the character in my head would never do the things the one in the book does, perhaps a bit more depth from his side to show why he did what he did. We only ever see the world from Eve’s view so maybe thats why. Finally it was too short, there was so much more that could of been put in, but it ended too quickly and with a twist that I saw coming from early on but that was welcome all the same, its left me wondering where Eve’s world will go next, and for that I’m going have to wait. ARRRRRRHHHHH!

Many thanks to Keary Taylor for providing an advance copy for review in exchange for a fair and honest review!


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