Atom and Eve


Atom and Eve by Jeff Yager 

Published by Hannacroix Creek Books

0 out of 5 stars

Format: Egally.

Yes thats right 0 out of 5, my first ever zero (although on gr its a 1 star as it won’t allow zeros sadly). Never, ever have I felt the need to zero star a book before.

A quick summary (which you don’t need really as there is NO PLOT): A flu spreads across the US, the cure is developed by a chemist (Mandy Fox) but she (for some unexplained reason) messes with the cure and ends up making men produce more estrogen and women more testosterone. Women then get up off their lazy ass behinds and get jobs as oil riggers and line backers, men on the other hand get the women lazy gene and decide to become stay at home dads. Oh and all those super successful men lose their jobs, no explanation as to why, just that they do. Thats it. Along the way we meet a host of completely irrelevant characters that have absolutely nothing to do with the story (thats because there is NO STORY).

OOOOH I’m seething just writing the summary. This is the most sexist piece of work I’ve come across, if I had not known the author was a man I could of guessed by the horrendous portrayal of women through out the book. Not only is there the crazy and hugely insulting notion that women NEED the male hormone testosterone to be successful in like, but the general attitude to women is appalling. Kendra/keria (I can’t even remember her name and I’m not going to back to check for fear I might set fire to my kindle to save my eyes), a presidential candidate (yes a women DARES to run for president, and this is before the drug and gender swaps) makes a speech to the public where she goes on about men impregnating women and running, and I really can’t repeat the SHIT that this book then goes on to spout. OOOOOHHHH I’m mad.

Aside from the ignorant sexism in the book, the whole thing makes ZERO sense. As I may have mentioned there is NO plot. None what so ever, I’ve no idea where the atom and eve bit comes in (I was expecting a love story), we spent chapter after chapter jumping from idiotic character to idiotic character for no reason. There is no realism in the book at all, can you imagine men or women accepting a forced gender change due to a drug side effect? no there would be pandemonium, but no, in Yager’s book it all just goes swimmingly. It is full of time scale errors – the whole country changes gender roles in seconds, within weeks women are in the football leagues, working in ‘mens’ jobs and the economy is changing to be geared towards the now dominant sex…women. WEEKS, oh but its ok, because Yager acknowledges that there would be issues, so here we go have women only gangs. There’s also the notion that a university scientists goes and does her own human trial (one) and then the drug is accepted and put to mass market – REALLY? Then we have the inconsistencies, firstly – the book says the drug is mandated for all that are sick, then Ricky is given a choice, oh AND Ricky gets better in the start of the book, then he’s back in hospital being given the cure? Then it says everyone was affected by the cure, through vaccination (which btw is not the same as treatment, how does a cure become a vaccination in a few days?) and its outlawed, but there are numerous characters that just go on as normal. The shops are shut, yet they manage to bump into new love interests in shops……it goes on and on. Add to that the fact that no-one seems bothered by the side effect, particularly the creator (who as I said messed with it in the first place, for a reason that is not given), its just accepted by all. THEN it all descends into rape here, rape there, rape everywhere – but by women, so that makes it different  :S Oh and then Ricky after being raped by several gang members goes off for dinner with a new love interest (and says ‘I’m a virgin’ – not any more love).

So you think thats bad? it gets worse. The writing. O.M.G the writing. Monkeys could do better, ONE monkey could do better. When introducing a character we get their whole life story (and every SINGLE one wants to change humanity for the better – yes really), from their husband and kids names to the date they gave up smoking. Every time the characters talk to each other they over use the other’s name or nickname, then when talking about another they  use similar over-formal names (mother to father; that was your son on the phone, I worry about my baby etc etc). The other dialog is as bad – ‘you’ll be divorced AND excommunicated’ and so on. The descriptive text is nothing to rave about either ‘the muscular hunk did so and so etc etc etc. As you can imagine a writer with such terrible writing ability can’t build any decent characters either, they are stereotypical, wooden and entirely dislikable.

I know you may think I’m being unfair, I’m not. This is THE worst book I have read in a VERY long time, it does for sexism what Revealing Eden does for racism. I tried to find something good about the book, and I did. Its short, and it was free.  I am in utter shock that such an appalling piece of work can get published and even get its own dedicated website, when there are endless superior authors out there who are forced to self publish because they can’t get a break.

One to stay away from, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

***ARC/egally kindly provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review***


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