Boundless (Unearthly 3) by Cynthia Hand

Published by Harper Teen

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Audiobook (also available in a variety of formats)

***This is book 3 in the series, there WILL be spoilers for books 1 and 2***

I didn’t review Hallowed (book 2), I love, love, LOVED Unearthly but Hallowed just left me with the second book feeling meh.


But Boundless came back in leaps and bounds (get it?!), Jeremy is still missing after confirming he started the fire that nearly killed Tucker (I’m also still in awe of Ms Hand choosing to go against the insta-love and allowing Clara to make her own choice), Clara and Angela are back from Italy and are joining Christian at Stamford. Clara is hit by a new vision, its all dark, she’s scared and is hiding from someone,  but thats all, Christian is having similar visions but he’s wielding a sword of fire and preparing to fight.

The Angel-bloods are preparing to fight a battle that their visions have been leading them to, through out the books, but the visions are never what they seem, and the battle they face is not what they (nor I) were expecting. Things and themes from the previous books come back into force and tie together brilliantly, these are story arcs you didn’t really think anything of, and now they are super important, because everything wasn’t what it seemed.

Then there’s Tucker. Oh Tucker. Clara LOVES him, but God sends her towards Christian, who is waiting with open arms. I have spent many moments shouting at her to GO BACK TO TUCKER.


Boundless brings everything I loved about Unearthly into the fray, there’s the mystery, the beautiful scene setting and the breathless action sequences, that never seem to slow. Clara is back on form (after being a little wet in Hallowed) and a great heroine, who’s both feminine and gentle but strong when she needs to be. Obviously I’m a Tucker fan, I’ve never warmed to Christian but I liked him most in this book, he had more oomph than in previous books, and finally took a stand in regards to how he feels for Clara.

The supporting casts are also all brought into the fray, Angela as always is dark, sarcastic an brilliantly black to clara’s blonde (metaphorically speaking), and is really given a chance to shine in the book. Jeremy is a teenager that needs a good clip round the ear, I’m sure anyone with a younger brother can feel for Clara throughout the series. We also FINALLY find out the truth behind Clara’s purpose and the visions as well as Sam’s involvement.

The trilogy is one that lends itself to a movie or TV and there is talk of the CW picking it up, which I’m not sure about………I personally think the epic-ness of the battles and beauty of the Angels should be saved for the big screen, but I’ll wait and see what the teen-specialists can do (fingers crossed!)

I’m really pleased I started the series, book 2 wasn’t bad, but just not as good as the first and final installments. Don’t be put off by ‘Angels’ its not your typical Angel story and religion isn’t a theme at all, this is a series about controlling your own destiny, making and standing by your own choices and living with the consequences.


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