Minder (Ganzfeld 1)


Minder (Ganzfeld 1) by Kate Kaynak

Published by Spencer Hill Press 

2.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Kindle (available in a variety of formats)

Ok. So the cover sucks. Sorry but it does, and it put me off for a little while. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Point taken.

I got in a little goodreads spat about this book. Some clever little things had taken it up on themselves to attack the author because said author had defended another author on another book page…yes it was that complicated. Rather than just deciding to boycott Kaynak’s work in protest, the blogger/review decided to write a supposedly witty post on this book page, about the million and one reasons she wouldn’t read it. We know that Good-readers like nothing better than a bitch-fest so she got a load of likes and a load of people saying they were going to skip everything by this author too, and it spiraled to the top rated review. I don’t like that. I don’t like bullying, which is what this was – they specifically targeted the author with nasty posts, with the sole purpose of stopping others reading her work. So I said so, and got a load of amusing memes and gifs back, along with several ‘ban the bitch’ chants and then low and behold I was banned from the thread. It ruined my day. Ok it didn’t. But it might of done. if I’d cared what a silly little mare on the other side of the pond thought. The reason I’m telling you this is because, due to this ridiculousness, I WANTED to like the book, to stick two fingers up to the posters and give it a glowing review. But I can’t. Sorry Kate, it sucked.

The basics of the plot are: Maddie is a girl who has a sixth sense, when she’s hauled into a van by some male school mates she knows whats going to happen, and she does something to stop them, they all drop dead. With the help of a mysterious Dr. Williamson, Maddie discovers she’s a telepath, a ‘minder’ and she head off to Ganzfeld, a school for those with unique abilities. Here she meets a boy and thats where it all goes tits up.

The start of the book was great, and the only reason it got 2.5 stars from me. But then Maddie meets Travis. Every single exchange these two had (which was 90% of the book) made me want to puke. The fact that Maddie acknowledges that she’s being stupid and can’t possibly love him after a day, does nothing to make the reader feel better about the gallons of instalove to be found. Day 3 – soul mates. Then they do some sex thing with their souls – get ready for it, they ‘soul mated’ (really),

yet travis is a prude and won’t have actual sex, and Maddie sees Travis in the shower but won’t say ‘penis’ arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was the biggest load of teen-hormone-based trash I’ve read for a while.

There was also a plot, but the plot was lost in the slushy crap, and thats a shame because it was good, Kaynak excels at the action sequences, there was suspense and drama, and she used the minder skills well (Maddie’s realisation that others saw her differently, depending on their version of events) but the lovey-dovey stuff canceled all that out.

Would I now start a thread to stop everyone else reading her work? no. I would possibly read some more if there was a promise of less soul mating and more action, perhaps something where there is no travis……



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