Wreckers by Julie Hearn 

Published by Oxford University Press 

1 out of 5 stars

 Format: Kindle Ebook

Yes. I paid for this book, I believe it was discounted but still. I paid for this rubbish. I didn’t finish it, didn’t even half way, which says it all really.

I’m not entirely sure what Wreckers was really about, the plot is fairly simple, set in Great Britain (YEY!) in a dystopian future where London has apparently been destroyed and the country is set back to a world of rations and poverty (more on this later). The book is told from the perspectives of five friends (although we hear from some more than others) who find a box in a haunted house on Halloween, so they open it…. its pandoras box and for any that know the story, all that was left after the nasties had flown was hope. But apparently not, apparently there is still one more nasty left, and these plonkers are all set to release it.

The primary let down in the part of the book I read was the scene setting and the book set up, flitting from character to character gave no depth to any of them, and I couldn’t see why there were even friends. The world Hearn’s created has no validation – the country is in poverty and no-one has cars, yet they still holiday to cornwall and all the shops and cafes are open? The characters talk obsessively about getting milk shots (WTF are they?) and go and pay for them at the diner? None of it makes sense – either the country (or those we see in this story) are barely surviving or they are not really effected by it all – this half way, picking and choosing annoyed me, it was like there was no real thought going in to it, almost like a child had drawn the future and Hearn had picked things out of the picture to use as ‘gimmicks’ to prove it was the future.

Like I said the characters were weak and had no like-ability at all, the plot was feeble (which is a shame as pandora’s box would have been a great story to tell). I can only comment on the bit I read obviously, but I can’t imaging that it would of suddenly got better….


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