51mItaXXffLResist (Breath 2) by Sarah Crossan

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

4 out of 5 Stars

Format: Egalley – Available in a variety of formats from 10th October 2013

***this is book 2 in the breathe series, there WILL be spoilers for book 1 (breathe) – do not read the review if you’ve not read book 1***

Breathe was a book that people loved or hated, I loved it. A chance purchase at the airport, I’d finished by the time I’d landed. Then I had to wait a year for the sequel. FINALLY it was available and I was ready to loose a day of my life to it.

Resist picks up with Bea, Quinn and Alina and adds the voice of Ronan. It follows the same format as breath – each chapter being written from a different view point. The cast were separated at the end of book 1, but all are heading for the somewhat mythical colony  of resistance. The story follows their journey and the surprising results for those that arrive.   Of course things do not go as expected, and in true Crossan style the reader doesn’t get a moment to stop and think about whats happening, its a fast read.

I can understand the reason for the less than enthusiastic reviews, if you didn’t like Breathe, you are not going to like Resist. I DID like Breathe and loved Resist. The same formula that worked so well in book 1 is present here. The addition of Ronan is a good thing, he’s an interesting character who has an internal battle with what he believes is  the right thing and what is the easy thing. Bea is as usual a little star, and Quinn is a bit deeper than in the last book, and has to face some personal demons by the end of the book.

Like I said the pace doesn’t let up, there are some places where you wish it would so you could process what has happened, especially towards the end where there is a jaw dropping ‘oh no she didn’t’ moment – it was a page I had to read a couple of times to see if that had REALLY happened, and yes it did!

The only real negatives are firstly that its the last book – I thought it was a trilogy and feel cheated and secondly the action packed plot doesn’t allow for the reader to have those quiet moments with the characters that bond you to them, which is where I think people struggle with the book. Its not that the characters are underdeveloped, but that you have to work fast to know who to root for and who to boo and hiss at.

Overall another great read from Crossan, an author who is definitely on my watch list.

***ARC/Egalley kindly provided by the publisher via net-galley in exchange for a fair and honest review ***


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