Panic (Sneak Peek Review)

Panic by Lauren Oliver

published by Hodder & Stoughton

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Egalley – released April 2014

So Panic is Lauren Oliver (she of Delirium Fame) at her best, a long awaited YA stand alone novel. Well you are all going to have to wait a little longer, but I’ve read it, its great and I’m going to give you a few tit bits to keep you going through the long, cold, boring winter until April……

Panic is a game. Every senior in Carp contributes to the prize fund (whether they are going to take part or not) and one lucky (or not so, depending on how you look at it) individual wins the pot.

There are numerous panic inducing challenges to whittle down the number until there are just two left, then they face the ultimate test of will, the Joust.

There are various nice and not so nice characters to get to know, but don’t expect this to be a sickly love story – its much less vom-enducing and far more plot centric.

Secrets, lies and tigers (yes tigers), Lauren Oliver has done it again.


ARC/Egalley provided by Edelweiss via the publisher in exchange for a fair review.


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