No One Else Can Have You


No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale

Published by Harper Collins

2.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Egalley (out 7th Jan 2014 in a variety of formats)

Set in small town, Friendship in Wisconsin, No one else can have you is a murder mystery/pretty little liars/Veronica Mars. Kippy’s best friend Ruth is horrifically murdered, and Kippy takes it upon herself to solve the crime. Armed with just Ruth’s diary and a hunch she goes off on a clue hunting trip which leads her to some unexpected doors.

I don’t get the love for this book. The plot (i.e. the murder and then subsequent Kippy  organised man-hunt)  was pretty good, the writing and execution was appalling. Firstly – the whole super polite Wisconsin vibe, the need to say everyones names in full every single blooming second. It maybe how they speak there (I’ve never been) but to a non-local reading it, it sounded fake, annoying and extremely patronising. Secondly – WTF kind of name is Kippy? KIPPY? sounds like an irritating little dog, which is pretty accurate as she was unlikeable, irritating and needed a good slap.

The whole concept of corrupt cops, sugar daddies, ptsd boyfriends, phycologist dads that can’t see squat about their own daughters is all a bit too silly. Then you have Ruth’s dairy revelations that she didn’t like Kippy and they last for a whole page before Kippy goes back to being Ruth obsessed. THEN you have the fact that the press are all over the murder, yet its left to small town cops to handle, whereas in all likelihood state police at the very least would come in.

I may sound like I’m a little harsh, but the writing was jilted, unbelievable and really cringe worthy. Which is a shame as the murder was damn grisly and the plot good fun, it takes a while for the reader to work out whodunnit, although its pretty obvious to the reader long before kippy gets it. The last few scenes are great, and a real saviour for the book, but still doesn’t push it past 2.5 stars.

EVERYTHING about this book annoyed me, primarily the writing style, but also the sidewinds the book took for no apparent reason, the suggestion  that because its a small town its corrupt, to the amount of deaths there had been around Kippy – no-one is that unlucky surely?

So thats it, I can’t find anything else to say, except I am gutted that I wasted my time reading it when there are so many other, good reads out there.

ARC/egalley kindly provided by the publisher via edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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