A Matter of Days

A Matter of Days

A Matter of Days by Amber Kizer

Published by Listening Library/Delacorte Press

 4 out of 5 Stars

Format: Audiobook (available in hardcover too)

A Matter of Days is another YA post-virus/world ending disaster book, which reminds me some what of Life as We Know it and similar stories. The virus BluStar hit 56 days ago, Nadia’s left to care for her younger brother rabbit and has to chose whether to set off across country to find her grandfather and uncle or whether to stay put and wait. There is no choice, in Seattle there are millions of decomposing bodies, including their mothers, so they set off in hope that their grandfather’s survivalist retreat/mine is still there, waiting for them. They are not completely unprepared, their uncle, a military doctor, provided them with the anti-virus, supplies and training to get them started. Thus begins a cross country trip, no zombies here, just good old fashioned humans, but who can the kids trust to help them make it to West Virginia?

I liked Alex McKenna’s narration, she really brought Nadia a live, but the writing was the winner in this story. There is nothing new or spectacular about the plot, but a good old fashioned under dog story is always well received. Nadia is pretty rubbish at keeping everything together and Rabbit does a superb job of being the glue of the pair, he’s a fantastic character and the sort of little brother everyone wishes theirs was!

The kids face trials along the way, again, nothing that would surprise the reader, but the real heart of the story is the journey, the bonds and the realisation that they may not find anyone there when they finally make it

A real feel good story, if you ignore the 99% of the population is dead bit. and one I thoroughly enjoyed. No its not going to change your world, but it might make you think twice about trusting everyone you meet should you be in that last 1%.

Good fun, and an author I’d like to read more from.



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