Altered (Altered 1) Jennifer Rush

 Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers

 2 out of 5 stars

 Format: Audiobook (available in a variety of formats) 

Altered is the story of Anna, who sneaks down to her fathers secret lab every night to spend time with four captive boys, all of which are obviously gorgeous and generally shirtless. These ‘boys’ are part of a genetic alteration project designed to create the perfect soldier, which Anna helps her dad with for the bigger, ominous sounding ‘branch’. All is good until one day they escape and take Anna with them, they embark on a journey to discover why they cant remember anything outside of the lab, what they had hidden and who the branch really are.

Yes its as dreadful as it sounds, the plot was not helped by the most annoying narrator on the face of the earth. She had a way of splitting sentences in to smaller pieces or adding question marks where there shouldn’t be any:

“we walked. into the kitchen? and saw. a cup. and a saucer? then I looked? and. there was. a man?”


Forgetting miss annoying narrator, the story didn’t save itself. You wake up one night, sneak down to your fathers secret lab and find he’s hiding four young boys, so what do you do? call the police? let them go? no- you keep sneaking down there, for FIVE years. Not once did Anna question what was happening with the boys, nor whether it was right or not! She does say on occasion that she considered letting them go, REALLY? considered it?! Jeez.

Then we have the surprising twist. Except nope, that was beyond obvious too, then there was another, which was just as obvious. The biggest issue was that there was little point to the book, if I’d got no memory and escaped a secret lab, my first order of business would be finding out why they kept me there and who I was. But no, instead they go on some sort of treasure hunt where there was no real ‘big discovery’ at all.

The book was full of face slapping moment where you literally wanted to scream at the characters to stop being so stupid. But it had hot guys and a back tattoo so I’m sure the tween generation will be thrilled. Think Abbi Glines with everything interesting taken out and a load of crap put in and you get the idea.



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