The Taking

TheTaking high res

The Taking (The Taking 1) by Kimberley Derting

Published by HarperTeen

4.5 out of 5 stars

Format: Egalley (Available April, 2014)

Derting is a YA pro now, her books have an almost cult following and 5 star reviews all over the place, thats A LOT of pressure for any author releasing a new series, let alone an author who is launching a series into a market where ‘alien’ is often a dirty word. Few make the alien story line work, a few make them credible (5th wave), others take a lighter view (Lorien legacies), but many fall by the waste side.

The Taking is all about alien abduction, when Kyra fights with her dad she slams out of the car and sees a light then nothing. Next thing she knows she waking up behind a dumpster the next morning, except its not – its 5 years later and Kyra hasn’t aged a day, she even has the same bruise she did yesterday –  but everything else has changed. Her family, her friends, her life has all moved on, she’s an adult but she’s still a teen and all of a sudden there are strange people asking questions about her missing years, accusing her father of being involved and wanting to find out more about where she’s been.  Kyra relies on neighbour Tyler to help her sort things out, but even thats not simple, Tyler is the younger brother of Kyra’s boyfriend from yesterday/5 years ago – yet there is an undeniable attraction there. As phrases like alien and abduction start getting thrown about and some relegations show Kyra there is more to her disappearance than meets the eye, things take a dangerous turn and the lives of those trying to help her are put in danger – there’s only one way to save them, but what if its too late?

The Taking is quite simply – awesome. Aliens (or at least the suggestion of them), government agents, conspiracy theories, teen angst and a cliff hanger. Everything you need for a good YA book. Derting’s done well to take an easily cheesy subject matter and made it compelling, it would of been so easy to go down a little green man route which would of ruined the suspense – think of ‘signs’ when you finally saw the alien, the story was ruined from there on out – Derting keeps that question mark over the abductions all the way along.

The love story was a little mushy in places, Tyler is unbelievably cute but we go from ‘omg he’s austin’s brother’ to ‘omg I love him’ in seconds, perhaps a little more distance, but longing would have been a better route to take, and thats the 1/2 star lost for me.

A really good fun read and a must for Derting fans.

***This egalley was kindly provided by the publisher and edelweiss in exchange for a fair and honest review ***


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